Swimathon Ambassadors

Cadi Lambert

Distance: 5k 

Swimming level: Advanced 

Cadi’s mantra: “Looking forward to going from flailing to flying with my front crawl!”

Why you too should get involved in Swimathon: “Swimming is for everyone. Whatever speed and however far you go, it is a fantastic, low impact activity.” 

Bio: I love to see the positive in everything. Life is all about having little adventures every day. My motivation is to do something I have been wanting to do for years... learn a good front crawl! I LOVE swimming and my breast stroke is pretty strong but I have forgotten how to front crawl and the Swimathon will be the perfect motivation to re- learn it. I am not afraid of laughing at myself and know it will be good fun to learn and share this experience with other who might lack the technique and confidence to swim. 

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Fiona Rowley

Distance: 2.5k

Swimming level: Intermediate

Why you too should get involved in Swimathon: Swimathon raises awareness for charity

Bio: I am a new runner, passionate and in love with everything that running has given me. In the last 2 years I’ve gone from not being able to run to couch to 5k to running a marathon, both road and trail. I lost weight with Slimming World and I’m equally passionate about the impact that losing weight has had on my life. I also love to swim, living practically next door to a local pool, and would love to get back into swimming and use it as part of my regular fitness program. Since I have recently been ill and had surgery, running is not a feasible option, therefore I want to increase my swimming to more than a once a week thing to improve my fitness and technique.

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Helen Tamblyn

Distance: 1.5k

Swimming level: Intermediate

Helen’s mantra: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

Why you too should get involved in Swimathon: “Don't think that you can't. Believe that you can – and you will. A challenge isn't supposed to be easy.”

Bio: I'm a mum of one who enjoys the challenge of the outdoors, and an international tenpin bowler! I am also a cake-loving runner with 4 marathons under my belt. Last year, I finished an aquathon despite suffering an anxiety attack in the water. I was the last in the water, and the experience made me want to go back to swimming to try and overcome my fears. I have been inspired by seeing friends take on the Swimathon challenge. 1.5km feels an impossible distance to swim right now, but I want to inspire others and show them that with training and work, it can be done. I am also supportive of the aim of the Swimathon Foundation, anything that encourages kids to get active and set their own goals is worthy of support.

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Joey Jones

Distance: 1.5k or 2.5k

Swimming level: Intermediate

Joey’s Mantra: Hair up, goggles on and go.”

Why you too should get involved in Swimathon: “Swimming is one of those things that everyone should feel comfortable doing, from athletes to stay at home mums. As a plus-size woman runner I know the benefits swimming can have as a low impact sport.”

Bio: When I was younger I was a really good swimmer but as I’ve got older I’ve got more and more self conscious of wearing a swimming costume so I feel this will be a real personal challenge which will help promote body positivity. I feel it is important for women to feel confident in their bodies. As a member of Too Fat to Run?, an online running club for women of all sizes and abilities, I encourage women of all shapes, sizes and abilities to begin running. Not purely for weight loss purposes but for the health benefits. I’m hoping that my Swimathon journey inspires girls and women of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable and empowered by sport.

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Julie Creffield

Swimming level: Intermediate 

Julie's Mantra: Through challenge comes change. 

Why you too should get involved in Swimathon: Swimming is for all, challenge is for us all. Swimming has so many health benefits. Sign up, make a change for yourself.

Bio: Julie Creffield is a plus size athlete, author and entrepreneur from Stratford, East London who is on a mission to get 1 million overweight and inactive women running through blogging and posting content on her social media channels. In 2005 she joked that if London were awarded the Olympic Games she would run the Marathon in 2012, of course it was and she kept her word despite at the time being a size 22 and unable to run for even 30 seconds. Despite living opposite a world-class facility in the Olympic Park in London, Julie has fallen out of the habit of swimming. Confident in the water, but not yet a swimmer, she wants to get her 5-year-old daughter involved in the sport as well as getting a Too Fat to Run national team together.

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Lorraine Lewis

Distance: 400m

Swimming level: Beginner

Lorraine’s mantra: “Time to conquer my fear!

Why you too should get involved in Swimathon: It’s never too late to learn a new skill. It may encourage someone else who is feeling the same way as you to give it a go.”

Bio: My love for fitness begun when I signed up for Tough Mudder in 2014 without realising what it was. Everyone thought I was crazy and wouldn't make it. When someone tells me I can't do something, I will do the opposite. My dream is to be able to swim without fear. I have had a fear of water ever since I was a child, so for me being able to learn to swim and be a part of Swimathon will be all about facing my fears. I hope this will inspire other adults that it is not too late to learn an essential skill, whilst raising money for Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie.

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Stephen Morrison

Distance: 5k

Swimming level: Advanced

Stephen’s Mantra: “Swimathon is for all us who swim or who want to swim. It’s a chance to swim together, fundraise together and to have fun together

Why you too should get involved in Swimathon: In Swimathon your age, ability, size and shape do not matter. Swimming is an activity for all and all you have to do is dive in with us.”

Bio: I once weighed 354lbs and was deeply unhappy. I was disabled as a child and sedentary as an adult. One day, I decided to make a few small changes and they changed my life. I lost half my bodyweight and discovered a love for trying new activities. Although I completed a 4km relay swim (it took me 2.5 hours) I don’t consider myself a swimmer, but it inspired me to swim more and to learn how to swim properly. Also, family members are fighting cancer, so the Swimathon is a way for me to support the charity's work. I have experienced first hand that sport is for all, regardless of size, shape, age or ability – so I’m hoping to inspire people to take up their own swimming challenge.

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Tamsyn Smith

Distance: 2.5k

Swimming level: Intermediate

Tamsyn’s Mantra: Bubble, bubble, breathe!”

Why you too should get involved in Swimathon: “It doesn't matter how slow you are or what your technique is like, in the Swimathon there's a distance that's suitable for everyone.”

Bio: As Duncan Goodhew once said to me: "Learning English at school is important, but unlike swimming, it will never save your life!" I only learned to swim 5 years ago, so despite already having completed triathlons, my swimming technique is bad. I like having a goal as a great way to swim regularly, so I’ve set myself the target to improve my technique by completing the 2500m challenge in the Swimathon. My father died of cancer and was supported by Marie Curie nurses during his illness, so the charity is close to my heart and Swimathon is a great event to support it. Also, I’m a mum and work full-time, and I want to show that it’s possible to fit swimming in my busy life.

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Wanda Stockdale 

Distance: 400m, 1.5k and 2.5k

Swimming level: Advanced 

Wanda's Mantra: "Im nothing, if not determined, there will be challenges, but challenges can be overcome." 

Why you too should should be involved in Swimathon: "It's a fantastic event, that anyone can be involved in, it doesn't matter how well you swim, how far or how fast, the only thing that matters is that it's your swim. It's your challenge, your race and, on completion, your achievement and your medal!"

Bio: After working on a ward, I suffered from regular backaches and also dealt with arthritis and asthma. Determined not to give up or feel sorry for myself, I followed my physiotherapist’s advice and took up swimming, starting with regular lessons. I am now 43 and it has been 3 years since I started swimming and I am still thankful for the advice my physiotherapist gave to me as it has completely changed my life and has been/continued to be a positive experience. This year’s Swimathon will be held around the time I had my first lesson (three years ago). 2018 will be my third time competing in Swimathon so why not take on three challenges? This year, I have signed up for the 400m, 1.5k and 2.5k challenges.

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