Swimathon 2020 Rules

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MySwimathon 2020 is a fully virtual event designed to keep everyone safe and socially distanced during Covid-19 restrictions. That means you can take part at your local indoor pool, outdoor pool or open water venue! This is your challenge, your way.

Individual MySwimathon Rules

  1. You can swim one of the set challenges (Individual 400m, Individual 1.5k, Individual 2.5k, Individual 5k, Team 1.5k, Team 5k, The Triple 5k) or your own set distance, if you prefer
  2. You can complete your swim over as many sessions as you wish, from today – Saturday 31 October
  3. MySwimathon is NOT part of an organised Swimathon session. There are NO organised Swimathon sessions taking place in 2020
  4. Please note, you will have to pay your venue's normal entry fee every time you swim (the Swimathon registration fee that you originally paid does not cover your venue entry fee)
  5. When a suitable venue is open, please review your chosen pool’s online systems to check the booking procedure for a swimming slot. Please adhere to all the rules, regulations and guidelines as set out by your chosen pool or venue
  6. You will not be able to turn up to any venue to swim, without having made a booking through a venue booking system
  7. Please bear with us for how you will receive your medal and cap for completing your Swimathon challenge
  8. Submit your final time in your swimmer login area at www.swimathon.org after completing your challenge, and then you can download your certificate and virtual medal

Team MySwimathon Rules

  1. All team members must be registered prior to 31 October 2020. All team members will receive an email notifying you that you have been added as a team member by your captain to complete your registration. Registering the team captain only is NOT sufficient
  2. Teams must consist of 2-5 swimmers
  3. Each team member can swim differing distances to add up to the challenge total (Team 1.5k, Team 5k or another set distance your team would prefer)
  4. Once you and your team have all swum your portion of the challenge (this may need to be separately and on different days due to social distancing and venue availability), simply combine your times and submit your overall team time in your captain’s swimmer login area