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Given the ongoing and regularly changing nature of the current Covid-19 virus outbreak, we thought it might be helpful to create this informational page so that you can come back as frequently as you wish to check in on the latest guidance.  

Please be aware that health and safety advice will differ between UK nations, from operator to operator, from venue to venue. Therefore, do please ensure that you are up to date with the latest information and recommendations at your venue. It is important that you read up on the latest statements and direction being offered up on the website and/or social channels for the pool(s) or venue(s) where you plan to take part in your MySwimathon challenge. 

Please see below for the latest updates that we have collated for you and we will continually update this page as we source more guidance. We want our community to support us as well, if you see any guidance we are not sharing then please send this to us at info@swimathon.org.* 


*Please note that although we will make efforts to update this page often, it may not always contain the very latest, nor up to the minute news. Do always ensure that you check with the pool or venue at which you plan to take on your MySwimathon challenge if you have any queries or uncertainties regarding their health & safety procedures.

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