By taking on your personal MySwimathon challenge, you will have the option to complete your swim, your way. Any distance, at any time, and at any venue of your choosing between Friday 3 September and Sunday 19 September. Read on to find out all the ways you can get involved in MySwimathon this year!



Take on your swim, your way, with the MySwimathon option. Simply choose any distance you like (from one of our set distances or pick your own!) and take on your challenge at any time and any venue of your choosing between Friday 3 September and Sunday 19 September. All the power is well and truly in your hands.


Want all the flexibility of the MySwimathon option and to also take part alongside your family and friends? Then this is the one for you. You still get to choose any distance, any time and any venue between Friday 3 September and Sunday 19 September, but you get to split the swim up between your team members. Sharing is caring!

NEW: The 30.9

Have you conquered The Triple 5k already? Or are you thinking you can simply swim further than that? Well, this has been created just for you. We are proud to introduce the ultimate Swimathon challenge… The 30.9! Combining every single one of the set individual and team distances, swim 30.9k and be one of the first people to say you have completed the entirety of Swimathon! Think you can do it? Then join this elite club today. Click here for more details.

NEW: MySwimathon Lite

Brand new for 2021 is MySwimathon Lite, our FREE entry option... where fundraising unlocks rewards! Enter MySwimathon for free and fundraise just £50 for our charity partners Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie to be eligible for your swim cap and medal. Read more about our brand-new challenge here.


  • You can swim one of the set challenges (Individual 400m, Individual 1.5k, Individual 2.5k, Individual 5k, Team 1.5k, Team 5k, The Triple 5k and The 30.9) or your own distance, if you prefer
  • You can complete your swim in one go or spread it across multiple sessions from Friday 3 September to Sunday 19 September
  • MySwimathon is NOT part of an organised Swimathon event, but you can download our handy MySwimathon Hub which you can link up to your fitness watch to submit your time easier than ever before
  • You can complete your MySwimathon challenge at any venue of your choice, at a time to suit you. Please note, you will have to pay your venue’s normal entry fee (as well as the Swimathon registration fee, if you haven't yet entered). This is all part of helping to save the UK’s swimming facilities
  • Please book all your swims with your desired venue, whether you are training or completing your challenge. Do ensure that you read and understand any safety guidance that your venue has implemented before you show up
  • Once you have completed your challenge, simply go to the MySwimathon Hub to log your result. You can do this in one of two ways:
    1. Connect your Strava account and we will pull through your swim data for your valid challenge completed between 3 September and 19 September
    2. Complete the online form and tell us your challenge time
  • You should use the same login details that you have for your Swimathon account area. Once logged in to the Hub, select ‘View your Swimathon progress’. On this page you can enter your swim by clicking ‘add a swim’ button under the details of your challenge.
  • Once your time has been submitted, you will be able to access your certificate in the Results area of your account, and your well-deserved medal will be sent via post
  • If you have entered as a MySwimathon team, please combine your total time and only submit your overall team time



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